What Audiences Are Saying

“… what makes it award-worthy is its intelligent and playfulstylistic approach, its story arc and pacing, and its avoidance of some of the foibles of bio-pics. Overall an excellent, fun and relevant documentary.”


“…an engaging and lively portrait of an engaged and lively artist who uses her talents in the service of truth and justice, rather than fortune” 
— Edgar Allen Beem
“Absolutely brilliant film. The best artist film I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

“I want to watch it again and again! So much to see and so many stories held together beautifully.”
“Bravo for one of the most joyful films I’ve seen about one of the greatest, most fun activist artists I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.”

“Wish everyone could see this film everywhere!”
“It was very well filmed and edited, weaving intimate home friends and colleagues with opportunities to be with Natasha in context with hands-on painting, cooking, and gardening. The film was deliciously intimate yet serious and ambitious.”

“Some films make you admire someone and some make you wish you had known about them sooner. This one made us do both of those, plus made us want to join in.”
“I am so impressed by the lovely lighthearted and beautifully rendered storytelling, and artfully portrayed creation the collaborators were able to masterfully put together.”

“The filmmakers worked with the greatest respect and humor, and they really communicated the vivid spirit of Natasha’s life and practice.”


July 10, 13, & Streaming JUly 9-18



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July 10, 1-3pm · Waterville

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