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Natasha Mayers: An Un-Still Life


A Film to Inspire Community Activism

The film Natasha Mayers: an Un-Still Life was created to spotlight an inspirational artist and community member who uses her art as activism to make an impact on the issues that are important to Maine communities and the world. We invite you to use this film as a tool to influence and energize your community around issues that are important to them by hosting a screening event, film discussion, and creation of activist art. We also hope and anticipate that screening the film and hosting a discussion will build and celebrate community, honor the importance of collaboration, and allow people to come together for some fun.

How can you use this film as an impetus for creative action?

Our Community Discussion Guide gives you the tools you need. You can use this guide to organize a special screening event of the film Natasha Mayers: an Un-Still Life, with the options to facilitate a discussion of the film, display ARRT! banners, and even design an “art-build” related to your cause.

As you proceed, please let us know if: you would be interested in including an exhibit of ARRT! banners at your event; if we can be of assistance in identifying resources, partners, or tools, or help you craft an “art-build” for a specific demonstration; or if you have any questions or need any technical assistance to get your work off the ground.

In art and activism,

Anita Clearfield, Filmmaker
Geoffrey Leighton, Filmmaker
Natasha Mayers, Artist
Liz Hall & MaryBeth Luce, Impact Producers

Community Discussion Guide Table of Contents

Check out the Community Discussion Guide for all the information you need to plan and carry out a successful screening event!

1. Screening the Film

Planning Your Event
Let Us Know What You Have Planned
Market Your Event
The Screening – Using the Film Successfully

2. Post Screening

Suggested Discussion Topics/Questions
Group Methods for Leading Discussions
Working through Divergent Opinions
Art Making

3. How Groups Have Used the Film (coming soon!)

4. About the Film – Natasha Mayers: an Un-Still Life

5. About the Artist: Natasha Mayers

6. About the Filmmakers: Anita Clearfield & Geoffrey Leighton

7. Resources

Books & Websites