We’re excited to be putting together a distribution plan that includes discussions and on-site “art builds” for progressive organizations, civic and religious organizations and art venues.  Just as the film gets inside the spirit of Natasha Mayers’ art, we hope audiences will engage with her inspirational call to join in an activist life.

Contact us for ways to use the film:

As shown in the film, Natasha’s work focuses on community and the power of participatory art experiences to remind individuals of their ability to create change.

Continuing the inspiration that the film offers, the Artists’ Rapid Response Team (ARRT!) banners are available for exhibition at screenings.  With the banners as backdrop, community groups can follow their screening with a dialogue and even an “art build” to make art for an issue of concern to the group.  Using the Community Discussion Guide that accompanies the film and facilitated by visiting artists, communities can learn how to put together a screening and event that focuses on their areas of interest.  ARRT! doesn’t choose causes for people, nor work with slogans, but the artists are experienced at helping groups identify their passions and work with them to find imagery that exemplifies and amplifies their issues of choice.

There may be some groups who just want to show the film and/or exhibit the banners. For other groups, two or three artists from ARRT! can work on site to help a group’s members make a banner or signs to give a visual voice to their concerns.   It’s especially useful if the participants can use their artwork in a demonstration, parade, or exhibit directly after the art-making.   Maybe the group works along with a school where the film’s curriculum is being used.  Maybe the participants make lawn signs to take home.   Please contact us, as we can work out ways to facilitate an art build that empowers the members of your organization, whether it’s a progressive non-profit, a civic or religious organization, or an art venue.